About us

We manufacture and design some highest quality Artisan jewelry, Handmade Jewelry and Handcrafted Jewelry which our customers could cherish for a lifetime.

About Brillante

Who we are

We are a reputed organization which is known for its values and ethics. We are specialist in providing high volume wholesale deliveries with highest quality and fastest turn around time.

Where we started

Our company was started 3 years ago in 2013 at Jaipur, India. We are craftsmen who love their art before anything else. For us, our
art is our worship and we respect our work more than anything else in the business.

Hardcore Selling

We are not here to sell hardcore. We are here to build relationships, to make friends, to create awareness to make this world a better place by
donating generously from our profits earned.

We want to be you

We want to live your life, we want to share your moment of happiness with you, we want to be your wedding ring, we want to be your first gift to your loved one,
we want to be that special gift which can create new milestones in your love life.

Lets be friends forever :)